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Three Ketchup-Stained Napkins

A lot of the world's greatest inventions started on the back of a napkin. In fact, you might not be reading this if it weren't for one of them.

Back in 1989, three engineers scribbled out the design for what would become Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), one of the backbones of the Internet, on the back of "three ketchup-stained napkins".

The Laffer Curve, a classic economics illustration, was popularized by a famous napkin sketch.

The design for the encoding of this very text, UTF-8, was first sketched out on a placemat (close enough)!

As code continues to eat the world, its only right that we have a more powerful tool to support these "napkin ideas". There has to be a way to turn an idea into running code quickly, with no setup, no dependencies, no slog.

This is the goal of Just write code in your browser and it's instantly running in the cloud. Schedule functions, create API endpoints, host webhook handlers, or share prototypes. does all this instantly for you, and it's doesn't even stain! All you need is your brain. Well, StackOverflow can be good to have too.

We're here to bring the next great ideas to life. We can't wait to see what you build!

– Nick Sypteras, Founder