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The fastest way to
Build and Deploy APIs

Create and deploy serverless cloud functions instantly, all from the browser. Quickly add authentication for your API, schedule tasks, and replay events.

A few companies using us

Allen booting up...

An Online Environment to prototype, deploy and share cloud functions

The Napkin editor has everything you need to write cloud functions at superhuman speed - code, test tools, auth, env - it's all there ready and waiting.

Napkin Editor

Some examples made with Napkin

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  * @param {NapkinRequest} req
  * @param {NapkinResponse} res

  export default (req, res) => {
    res.json({"message": "Hello, world!"})

Host APIs without a Server with zero config that scales automatically

Napkin functions automatically scale to handle thousands of calls a day for free. So sit back and relax while Napkin handles everything for you.

Write APIs in the Browser

Code your functions in JavaScript or Python. Deploy them as HTTP endpoints instantly with 1 button click.

Instantly Deploy

Deploys happen instantly. No waiting. No staring blankly at terminal output. It's fast and easy like it should be.

Scales Easily

Scaling happens automatically. No need to configure capacity or pick from confusing plan limits.

Share & Collaborate

Make your functions public to share with others.

Our Philosophy

Computing tools should be made for humans. They should allow us to be more creative, more free, and more inspired. We believe everyone should have access to computing and tap into its full potential.

We're making Napkin to change the status quo, to build a new kind of tool - a tool that gets out of your way, that lets you code, and that's a joy to use.

Build Automations, Bots, Connect to Webhooks

Napkin is perfect for building quick Automations and Internal tools for your usecases. With over 300k modules instantly available, building automations is a breeze.

Backend Superpowers for Everyone

No installs, no terminal, no setup. Access task scheduling, monitoring, and deployment all in one simple UI.

Online IDE

The napkin editor saves your code as you type and lets you test your changes with mock data. When you're ready, deploy your endpoint instantly with a single button click.


Napkin provides a fully managed function scheduler with zero config. Just write your code and tell Napkin when to run it.

Events & Monitoring

Napkin tracks every request that's sent to your function. Check live traffic or monitor historic logs and request payloads. Napkin also lets you replay events.

300,000+ NPM and Python modules pre-installed so you don't have to wait

Here's what people say about Napkin

"With Napkin we have been able to quickly create and iterate internal tools and scripts like never before"

Guillermo Gette, CEO

"For smaller project I strongly recommend trying out @Napkin — it's the easiest way to run API backends"

Igor Krasnik, CTO

"With limited backend knowledge, I can quickly create cloud functions with Napkin and focus on the parts I enjoy."

Graeme Fulton, Founder of Prototypr

"Each function has environment variables, so you can chuck API keys in there for proxying, auth if you need it, logs for debugging, plus you can write in Node or Python. It’s a healthy amount of features, with more on the way, but it really does feel like embracing simplicity rather than complexity."

Chris Coyier, Cofounder of

"@Napkin for serverless - let us get backend integrations built super fast without us needing to install anything (all from browser)"

Isha Mehra

"I've been enjoying Napkin - all in the browser, very quick and easy to use. Very reasonably priced. "

Christo Crampton, Cofounder of AppointmentGuru

"The service you're offering for free is so convenient that every hobby programmer on earth should be using it"

Fabi Hahner, Solo Developer

"New secret weapon: @Napkin. It's amazing for sanity checking exactly what a client is sending to a server, and ultra quickly iterating on endpoints. No config, no setup, it's exactly what I wish AWS lambdas were like to work with. I think I'm going to use this a lot."

Callum McIntyre

Start building and deploy APIs for free