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Big News: Napkin is Joining Klaviyo!

Post written by Nick Sypteras

Nick Sypteras

Big News: Napkin is Joining Klaviyo!

Today I'm excited to announce that Napkin has been acquired by Klaviyo 🎉

Klaviyo, a customer data platform, is unique in its continued focus on building a best-in-class developer platform - that includes more APIs, better documentation, and -- most relevantly -- a way for users to quickly code and deploy their own integrations. Enter Napkin!

In order to continue to provide the best possible experience to their customers, Klaviyo has actually been using Napkin – and promoting it to those customers – since last spring. By acquiring Napkin, Klaviyo will provide value in 2 ways:

  • Enable Klaviyo customers to easily integrate with Klaviyo APIs via Napkin’s cloud function interface. In the coming months, we’ll be creating new ways to empower customers by seamlessly integrating Klaviyo’s creator tools with Napkin’s developer tools 🤝
  • Provide resources to further drive Napkin’s growth and functionality!

To reiterate, Napkin is not shutting down. I will be joining Klaviyo and together we will be working to make Napkin even better!

I’m extremely excited for what’s to come and I want to thank all of Napkin’s supporters for helping it reach this stage. We’ll be sharing more details in the coming months, but in the meantime, I encourage Napkin users to follow @Klaviyo on Twitter for the latest Napkin updates. Thanks again, and keep on coding 💪

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